The curse of constant connectivity

ImageIt’s a truth universally acknowledged: we’re all addicted to our smartphones.

We’re slaves to Twitter, ensnared in Facebook’s mighty jaws. We Instagram each meal we eat. The moment we get distracted from a task at hand, every second we spend waiting for our train to show up—we grasp at every opportunity to whip out our cell phones. We wake up to blink blearily at WhatsApp messages our friends sent us at 3 AM. Maybe they’re out drinking; maybe they’re in a different time zone. Hell, maybe they just felt like texting us in the dead of night. “It’s always beer o’clock somewhere,” has turned into “It’s always social media o’clock somewhere.”

Sources in support of this claim are everywhere. Can’t take a step without stumbling straight onto a heartfelt complaint about the superficiality of communication in this age of constant connectivity. See also: YouTube. Continue reading